The MicroFruit is not just any ordinary desk companion – it’s a passion project that reflects the creativity and innovation of its founder, Ben Strout. As the owner and operator of DC207’s online stores and the MarbaSec group, Ben has always been passionate about technology and design. The idea for the MicroFruit was born out of his love for the classic Macintosh computer and his desire to create a functional and stylish desk gadget that would pay homage to its iconic design. With its retro appearance and modern features, the MicroFruit is a testament to Ben’s creativity and dedication to his craft. Join the many satisfied users who have made the MicroFruit their go-to desk companion and experience the perfect combination of style and functionality.

The MicroFruit project started as a labor of love, with founder Ben Strout creating these tiny Macintosh-inspired gadgets as gifts for his coworkers and friends. The response was overwhelmingly positive, with people falling in love with the MicroFruit’s retro design and convenient features. Encouraged by his friends and coworkers, Ben began to sell the MicroFruit to a wider audience. Today, the project has grown into a successful business, with the funds generated from MicroFruit sales being returned to DC207, an educational group that promotes awesome infosec culture in Maine. This group is dedicated to supporting non-traditional students with educational scholarships and sponsoring technology events and groups, all without any corporate strings attached. By purchasing a MicroFruit, you’re not just getting a stylish and functional desk gadget – you’re also supporting a worthy cause and helping to make a positive impact in your community.

So – cheers to you! 🙂